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About Us

The Odasz Dance Theatre was founded in 2003 when Jessica Odasz realized that her students needed a platform for professional dance education. The founding instructors of Odasz Dance Theatre formulated an innovative dance curriculum and began offering classes in the fall of 2003. Shortly after in 2003, Ms. Odasz founded Western New York Ballet.


Western New York Ballet was formed to bring full-length ballets and new works to the area, and to serve as a professional stepping-stone for local talented dancers. Western New York Ballet, once a professional adult company, has since transitioned to a professional youth ballet company committed to the preservation of classical and contemporary ballet, as well as contributing to local and national charities that benefit those in need.

dance studio in Rochester, NY

Odasz Dance Theatre students have won numerous high-score awards and scholarships at many regional, national and international ballet and dance competitions. ODT students aren't just proficient in ballet. Our curriculum utilizes ballet as the technical foundation for all dance, however students take classes and private lessons in jazz, acro, tap, musical theatre, contemporary, modern, improvisation and dance conditioning.


Odasz Dance Theatre, an award winning dance studio in Rochester, NY, is the official preparatory school for Western New York Ballet. A major component of the dance curriculum involves student participation in WNYB's professional productions. Odasz Dance Theatre students are often asked to join the company after successful study in the training school.

dance studio in Rochester, NY
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