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The dance curriculum at Odasz Dance Theatre is based on a holistic approach to learning. Students take weekly ballet classes in order to build confidence, strength, precision and coordination. Further dance styles are explored to expand upon basic techniques and for students to discover their own interests and talents. Emphasis is on individual development, however students get a chance to work and learn from each other in an intimate setting while taking advantage of our class sizes.
A unique feature at Odasz Dance Theatre is that students have the opportunity to perform in professional productions with Western New York Ballet. Each season, WNYB brings a full-length ballet to Rochester which features the students of the Odasz Dance Theatre. In lieu of a "recital" which typically consists of a long series of unrelated dances, ODT students perform with Western NY Ballet in a professional performance which is also advertised to the community.
Odasz Dance Theatre students get to work alongside professional ballet dancers during productions and gain the performance experience required of today's dance professional. 
Please note: The levels are not according to age. All new and returning students will be assigned to levels solely at the discretion of the directors. New registering students will be placed in the proper classes according to their level of understanding, maturity, commitment and personal goals.



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