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Tuition is due by the 25th of each month, prior to the month of lessons. There will be a 5 day grace period after which late fee(s) will be applied. Payment may be made by auto pay, credit/debit card, cash or check. There will be a $25 late fee applied to your account if your tuition or other fees remain unpaid, and a $35 insufficient funds fee for check returns. Students will not be permitted to attend classes if tuition or fees remain unpaid after 60 days. Any unpaid amounts after 90 days will be turned over to a collections agency. 


Tuition is for your child's place in the program for the entire year and is broken up into monthly installments as a courtesy. Tuition is the same regardless of whether it is a long or short calendar month. All tuition is non-refundable, including tuition paid annually. Any attendance during the month requires a full month's tuition.  Students are expected to complete the semester for which they have enrolled. Exceptions will be granted for serious medical illness or injury for which a Doctor's note stating inability to continue is required. All tuition is non-transferable. Tuition is for the student enrolled only and cannot be applied toward other students including family members.


It is expected that all students will come prepared to class, ready to dance, in the proper attire as listed below:


Ballet (females): Uniform leotard, footed or convertible pink tights, pink ballet shoes (REAL leather or canvas ballet shoes- please no satin slippers!), hair pulled neatly back into a secure bun or twist away from face and off the neck


Ballet (males): Black tights/dance pants, white plain fitted shirt, white or black ballet shoes


Contemporary/Jazz: Black spaghetti strap sports bra and black shorts


Tap: Black or tan Oxford or Mary Jane style tap shoes


All students: Wearing watches and/or jewelry during dance class is strictly prohibited; female students should make sure their hair is pulled up into a neat bun using bobby pins and a hairnet; all pointe shoe ribbons and shoe elastics must be properly sewn prior to class. If a student cannot adhere to this dress code, they may be asked to observe.


A uniform leotard is required for Levels 1-6. Please order your uniform from the studio at the beginning of the year or upon start of instruction.  


Dancers are required to attend all scheduled classes. If you cannot attend class, please notify the studio via email at (no texts!) prior to the start of your class time. Tuition installments are paid on a monthly basis whether the student attends each class or not, therefore attendance is very important in order for your child's class to progress effectively.


When West Irondequoit schools are closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather and/or road conditions, the studio will be closed.


If a student notifies the studio of an absence prior to class, they are entitled to make-up the class in another regularly scheduled class. If a student does not notify the studio of an absence prior to class, a make-up class will not be provided. Private lessons may not be used to make up missed classes. 


Visitation or observation will be scheduled during regular class time and announced via eamail throughout the year. All other class times and all rehearsals are closed to observation.


Dancers are expected to know and follow the code of conduct as stated below:


Dancers will arrive on time and prepared for dance class- that means warming up and putting shoes on 5 minutes before class starts!


Students arriving late may have missed warm-up and are at risk of injury; therefore students significantly late may be asked to observe.


Dancers will not hang on the barres, lean against the mirrors, sit during class, carry on personal conversations, use profanity or inappropriate language, endanger the welfare of themselves or others, or interrupt other classes.


Dancers will understand that if they cannot follow the code of conduct they may be asked to observe class.


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